Green Investing

Green Investing

Humanity faces a vital task to transition to a sustainable world. For this to happen, we need to invest in a way that promotes the efforts that will enable this transformation.

One area that needs investments is green technology (green technology, or green tech). It is these products that enable the transition to a sustainable world, and some examples of such products are solar cells, batteries and fuel cells. ​​

To accelerate this development, it is necessary to invest in this area to support the best companies and products. By investing in green tech, you contribute to the acceleration of this transition.

How to invest in green tech?

There are several different ways to invest in green tech: ​

  • Shares: Buy shares in the companies that create green tech products.

  • Funds: Invest in a fund that provides exposure to a portfolio of green tech stocks. There are different types of funds. When you invest in a fund, you pay a fee for an expert (fund manager) to select the underlying assets that provide exposure to green tech. There are two types of funds:

    • Daily traded fund: Often actively managed, which means that an expert reviews the holdings and rebalances at regular intervals.

    • Exchange Traded Fund: A basket of securities that follows an index and is traded as a stock.

An example of a fund focusing on green tech is AuAg Precious Green.