AuAg Precious Green

Information about the fund

  • The classic 60/40 portfolio remake - adapted to our era and it is Electrifying

  • Global equity replaced by 60% Green-Tech companies who enables the transformation to a Green World

  • Bonds replaced by 40% Gold/PM to both protect and have strong return potentials

With a portfolio of companies that enables the creation of a green world, we go one step further than the traditional sustainability funds. Thus, investors are positioned correctly to be able to get a return on this mega-trend.

The Green-Tech strategy is diversified into four sub-strategies:

  1. Production of environmentally friendly energy

  2. Reduced energy consumption, reduced emissions and recycling

  3. Energy storage

  4. Extraction of elements needed in green technology

We see gold/precious metals as a stronger portfolio protection than bonds - both during short-term systematic shocks and in a future with high monetary inflation.

How do I buy AuAg Precious Green?




Allfunds Europe - MFEX Europe - Clearstream - Euroclear



Fund Sheet

Information about the holdings in the fund, history, metrics, risk class, etc.


Review of the macro situation and the background to the fund.


Our funds promote environmental and social characteristics (Article 8).

More Information

More info about the fund, e.g. KIID, fund regulations, annual reports, etc.

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