AuAg Silver Bullet

Information about the fund

  • Silver - an element with indispensable properties

  • A focused portfolio of 25-30 silver mining companies with high return potential, and a high risk

  • Low long term correlation with the stock market

Silver [Ag] is a precious metal with high resistance to corrosion and oxidation and has the best thermal and electrical conductivity of all metals, which makes it indispensable in our high-tech and green world. It also has antibacterial properties that makes it useful in medicine, water purification and other consumer products.

Precious metals reached their previous All Time High in 2011 followed by a bear market. In 2020, we had a new ATH in gold, and the ratio between the silver and gold price has decreased. Now the ratio is around 60:1 while the natural occurrence is 16:1, which it should theoretically go towards.

There is no storage of silver today, which leads to a physical shortage and a potential price increase. Silver is often just a bi-product for the largest mining companies, which provides the perfect conditions for focused silver mining companies.

How do I buy AuAg Silver Bullet?




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Fund Sheet

Information about the holdings in the fund, history, metrics, risk class, etc.


Review of the macro situation and the background to the fund.


Our funds promote environmental and social characteristics (Article 8).

More Information

More info about the fund, e.g. KIID, fund regulations, annual reports, etc.

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